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Episode 27

For 30 years, Barbecue Country has been supplying Edmonton area outdoor cooking enthusiasts with great service and high quality gear and supplies.  Listen to my chat with Ryan here.

My Barbecue Story

Rotisserie Prime Rib with a fresh herb paste.  Here's the video from a few weeks back where I made our delicious prime rib, roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables and Yorkshire pudding. Sorry about the technical difficulties!  We had some sound issues and had to do voiceover for some of the video.

Daily VLog

Dedicated to Growing Slow Smoked Barbecue in Alberta


When you think about the famous barbecue regions, what pops into your head?  For me, it is Central Texas barbecue, where brisket is king and the beef ribs look like they came from a dinosaur.  For you, maybe it's whole hog or pulled pork from the Carolinas, or Memphis dry rub ribs.  Or maybe you like your ribs sweet & saucy like they do it in Kansas City.

Alberta BBQ probably isn't the first thing you think of, but I'm hoping to change that.  I am a barbecue fan and sometime cook that wants to promote the culture of barbecue in Alberta.  We have a vibrant and growing barbecue community here, and this is the place to learn all about it.


What's New in Alberta BBQ

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Who Am I?

My name is Ryan and I live in Calgary, Alberta. I started cooking barbecue in 2010 on a Bass Pro Shops Brinkmann upright smoker, but it wasn't until a work trip to Texas in 2014 that I really caught the bug!  Check out the blog section for the whole story of my BBQ journey.


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