When you think about the famous barbecue regions, what pops into your head? For me, it is Central Texas barbecue, where brisket is king and the beef ribs look like they came from a dinosaur. For you, maybe its whole hog or pulled pork from the Carolinas. Or maybe you like your ribs sweet & saucy like they do it in Kansas City.

Alberta BBQ probably isn’t the first thing you think, but I’m hoping to change that.

My name is Ryan Sanderson, born in Winnipeg and living in Calgary since 1996. I’m a barbecue fan that wants to grow & promote the culture of barbecue in Alberta. I started cooking barbecue myself in 2010 on a Brinkmann bullet smoker and have grown my stable of cookers since then! Check out the blog section for the whole story of my BBQ journey.

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