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The Eat More Barbecue Podcast is a medium that I use to help promote #albertabbq.  One of things I like most about barbecue is the stories of the people behind it, and I'm honoured to bring some of those stories to my listeners. 

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Episode 46

I'm at the Heritage Heat Western Smokin' BBQ Competition to speak with some of the competitors on this week's episode.

Episode 45

During an April trip to Winnipeg, I met up with Evan Fogg from Luxe Barbecue Company, Winnipeg's premier barbecue supply store.

Episode 44

This week I take a roadtrip to Canmore, AB to meet up with Luke Donald of The Mooseshed BBQ.

Episode 43

Ingrid Schulz joins me to talk about Way Out West Fest in Calgary, a celebration of the modern west.

Episode 42

I talk with one of my podcast inspirations, Shawn Walchef of San Diego and the Behind The Smoke Podcast.

Episode 41

I sit down for lunch with Airdrie, AB's local CarreNivore, Matthew Carre to talk about all things meat!

Episode 40

Shane Folk joins me via Skype from Lumsden, SK.  We chat about Hillside Smoke 'N Que and his catering and concession business, as well as a little competition talk. 

Episode 39

Rob Reinhardt joins me on this episode of the show to talk about Prairie Smoke & Spice, the Canadian BBQ Society, competition bbq and more.

Episode 38

Sean Ludwig and Ryan Cooper join the podcast via Skype on this episode to talk about the Smoke Sheet BBQ Newsletter and their barbecue travels.

Episode 37

 The Heritage Heat Western Smokin' BBQ Competition is coming to Cremona, AB in May.  Check out my conversation with the event organizers here. 

Episode 36

I'm back on the Alberta BBQ Trail for this episode featuring Mohave Smokehouse & Bar in Red Deer, AB.

Episode 35

On this episode, I visit via Skype with Rob Turner from Bigg Smoak BBQ in Grunthal, MB.  Rob left a career in trucking to run his restaurant and catering business.

Episode 34

The Sauced on Beer, Bourbon & BBQ is one of my favourite podcast listens.  On this episode I'm joined via Skype by host Kevin Ronacker in St. Louis, MO.

Episode 33

Karen & Dave from Empire Provisions in Calgary join me to talk about their awesome cafe & deli.

Episode 32

This episode features Shawn Bevins, owner of Hamrforge Inc. and maker of some serious, legacy quality smokers and outdoor cookers.

Episode 31

Airdrie, Alberta's Your Local Ranch is a cattle farm providing high quality Alberta Beef to a large selection of local restaurants and retailers.  I visit with Wayne Hanson here.

Episode 30

Bear And The Flower Farm is an Alberta farm raising pigs with old fashioned and ethical values.  Listen in!

Episode 29

I sit down for some barbecue and a chat with Avery Cochrane, host of the Mess Hall Podcast!

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