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 These small-batch competition spice rubs have been used on meat to win hundreds of awards in competition barbecue.   They have also won some pretty big awards on their own.    Their Tumbeweed All-purpose Rub is currently #1 in the world according to the National BBQ Association.  Find them at retailers all over Alberta or click below.

Prairie Smoke & Spice

Episode 36

I'm back on the Alberta BBQ Trail for this episode featuring Mohave Smokehouse & Bar in Red Deer, AB.

Episode 35

On this episode, I visit via Skype with Rob Turner from Bigg Smoak BBQ in Grunthal, MB.  Rob left a career in trucking to run his restaurant and catering business.

Episode 34

The Sauced on Beer, Bourbon & BBQ is one of my favourite podcast listens.  On this episode I'm joined via Skype by host Kevin Ronacker in St. Louis, MO.

Episode 33

Karen & Dave from Empire Provisions in Calgary join me to talk about their awesome cafe & deli.

Episode 32

This episode features Shawn Bevins, owner of Hamrforge Inc. and maker of some serious, legacy quality smokers and outdoor cookers.

Episode 31

Airdrie, Alberta's Your Local Ranch is a cattle farm providing high quality Alberta Beef to a large selection of local restaurants and retailers.  I visit with Wayne Hanson here.

Episode 30

Bear And The Flower Farm is an Alberta farm raising pigs with old fashioned and ethical values.  Listen in!

Episode 29

I sit down for some barbecue and a chat with Avery Cochrane, host of the Mess Hall Podcast!

Episode 28

Jared from Alberta Barbecue is making some awesome smokers and is making plans for a barbecue pop-up in Calgary soon!

Episode 27

 For 30 years, Barbecue Country has been supplying Edmonton area outdoor cooking enthusiasts with great service and high quality gear and supplies.  Listen to my chat with Ryan here. 

Episode 26

I sit down with Janice Smella & Kenny Wallace to get their perspectives on the 2018 American Royal World Series of Barbecue.  Janice and her team were there competing and Kenny was there as a judge.

Episode 25

From a food truck, to a take out joint and now a full service BBQ restaurant just off SE Calgary's International Avenue.  This week I visit with owner Jenny Burthwright.

Episode 24

2018 Year In Review - some of my favourite moments from the first year of the show!

Episode 23

A Christmas repeat of Episode 10 with Mitchell Bros. Beef.

Episode 22

A great conversation with Terry Sept, owner of Smokehouse BBQ in Edmonton, AB.  Brick & mortar, competition BBQ and special events catering, Smokehouse BBQ delivers great food all over Edmonton!

Episode 21

Bon Ton Meats has been providing Calgarians with the highest quality meat and grocery products for close to a century.  On this episode, I sit down with owner Greg Keller.

Episode 20

 From an IT career to a BBQ business owner and award winning competition cook, Brian Misko has quite the barbecue story.  Hear about it on this week's episode. 

Episode 19

A barbecue and grilling roundtable discussion with a group of friends during our annual Golf & Poker Weekend.

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